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Yeah the day sheets work together with the Scheduling in Jobber. Since I am guessing that you have multiple quick jobs happening each hour, you could just schedule them not at a set time but just anytime that day. Then it could be faster to get to printing the day sheet but it will not be in any specific order.

I totally agree with you. Right now we are looking at something similar to Gmail where you can select multiple invoices and then choose to do bulk actions with the ones you selected. Making those kind of quick actions very simple to do.

Yes some do need to be tweaked individually, which is why you can just select all. When we build it in we want it to be done in the best way.

Right, you can have it add the clients current account balance to the next invoice. Or just have it be a separate invoice. You can just leave the job open and keep generating new invoices for each time to do work for the client, so you don't have to create a whole new job each time you go out there, but can just add a new visit for that job to the schedule.
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