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Selling firewood roadside in Texas?

I started thinking last night how profitable selling bundled firewood could be. My only problem is I don't have any, nor do I have the equipment to process it. So I gave it a little thought and decided I could buy a cord on Cl and just bundle it up and sell it out of my pick up. Not to sure how well it will work but I figure I could get about 150 or more bundles out of a cord and sell them for $4-$5 a piece. So with that, I bought a full cord this morning for $235 delivered and it should be here today but it might get here tomorrow since the guy was kind of busy. I know some of the guys think $235 is a lot but that was the best deal I could find around here, plus I expect to get about $400-$600 from it after it's sold. And if it doesn't sell, the worst that happens is I'm gonna have enough wood for the next year or so. My question is do you think I can just sell it out of my truck along the side of the road or will I get in trouble? I'm not sure if I'll get run off or not. I checked but couldn't find anything on selling firewood in my city. I found a empty lot right next to a home depot and lowes and I'm gonna call the guy that owns it and ask if I can park there and sell firewood, just in case cops show up, I'll say I have permission, so they don't think I'm trespassing.
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