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Originally Posted by Trees Too View Post
Actually, it sounds to me like you may have actually worked for TruGreen-ChemLawn. Which in reality was just TruGreen with the ChemLawn name tacked onto it, after they were acquired by ServiceMaster and merged with TG in 1992. What you are describing was the typical TruGreen sales nightly "boiler room" that they had before the National "Do Not Call" list was implemented by the Feds.
That's right. When I started there were around 30 to 40 sales people in the room, with tables and chairs, similar to what you would see in a conference or meeting room at a hotel. We didn't have desks. There were phones on the tables. There was a big board at one end of the room, with every sales person's name on it, and the management would mark a X after your name every time you made a sale. I didn't sell that many customers. I have seen some comments on Lawnsite complaining about the sales people under estimating the square footage and that might have happened. When I was there, I was given square footage that had been measured by someone else from a previous year. So I had no clue if it was right or not. The last week I was there, we finally went out to measure lawns in the daytime, and came back around 5 to start calling. Up to that point, we were calling people on the phone in the afternoon also. There were a few people selling around 10 times the average persons sales. I don't know if they were good or if they were somehow altering the square footage forms we had. It seemed unusual that a couple people with high sales numbers got fired. They were firing people who had little or no sales, so I quit before getting fired. I knew it was only time before I was next and my ears couldn't take it anymore.

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