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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
Over 20 years in business and all I have done is broke out a couple of windows. I didn't get Insured until the 10th year in business when I got a auto sales lot account. My Insurance has been going up $50 per year for the past 3 years. I am seriously considering dropping it since none of my accounts care whether I have it or not. Now if I had employees then I would want Insurance because I wouldn't trust them to be as careful as I am. Anything less than $500 you don't want to make a claim on anyway since more than likely they will jack your rates up.
No matter what anyone says, you have to weigh whether it is worth it to have Insurance. Insurance is going up so fast that I don't think I can afford it as a solo operator in a LCO saturated market.
I really don't see why another LCO would care if another LCO has insurance. So much so that you would get upset about it Just don't cut a yard beside them and you won't risk getting hit by a rock

It's because it decreases their overhead. With their decrease in overhead, they have less expenses and take home more profit. Then, they often drive the market price down by mowing lawns for less than legitimate businesses can operate at.
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