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Originally Posted by JonesLawnCareWV View Post
Already have a 4x8 Harbor Freight trailer, though I'm trying to replace it. I don't like my trailer dancing down the road behind me. Looking at a Leonard's 5x8, 24" mesh sides, A frame tongue w/ swivel jack, 15" tires, ramp gate, 3500# axle for $1099.

With reference to the Ferris mower - my fathers boss actually has a very large property on which I did an INSANE mulch install last year (got skimped and paid $100 for mulching a 60ftx10ft flower bed on a hillside, haven't went back since). He has either a 48" or 52" Ferris belt drive that probably 10 years old that he's been trying to sell. He replaced the old belt drive with a brand new Ferris hydrostatic of the same size which he claims he despises. I asked him a week ago what he would want for the old belt drive model and his response was "Do some work for me this summer and you can have it. Or maybe even this stupid hydro POS that I can't stand using". So I may have a commercial WB lined up, considering he doesn't expect some ungodly amount of work to be done for it. Hopefully he understands how 'dickish' he treated me last summer by having me do that mulch job (albeit I was naive and had no idea how to price a mulch job and just asked him to pay me what he felt was right, which turned out to be $100 for two 9 hour days on a hillside in 98 degree July sun)

As far as the software goes, are you referring to routing softwares, landscape design softwares, or just an accounting software? My plan as of right now is to use QuickBooks to manage my finances this year and toss the old paper log I used last year. I would love to get a landscape design software so I could do some 3D modeling of a planned flower bed, but in all honesty, I don't know how many install jobs I will even net this year. Only managed 2 from existing maintenance customers last season.

.... He already almost owes you that belt drive mower. You need to set pricing structures and figure out your costs, you're just a leaf in the wind, don't go out this season so broke assed. Driving around with a harbor freight trailer (I love harbor freight, but these things shouldn't even be allowed on the road) and getting paid less than children in Bangladesh stitching hand bags.

Don't work for family ever, unless they've got money and they're going to pay you what your work is worth. I have a couple of my gf's family as accounts, they helped me get started, but they paid my prices. You can give close family discounts but the only people you should be cutting for free for are your parents. Your aunt and uncle don't like it? Tough, buy a mower then. It's unreasonable for people to expect you to work for free at this stage in the game.
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