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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
They can also charge less if they don't advertise, use unleaded fuel, less expensive equipment and so on. So you are saying they should get insurance, when they really don't need it, just so they will have to charge more? Having insurance doesn't make you a legitimate business. There is no law that says you have to be Insured. Now not having a business license, when you are legally bound to have one, makes you not legit. Not paying taxes could be argued that you are not legit. But whether you have Insurance or not is between you and the customer and not between you and the another LCO. In my opinion, there is not much damage you could do in residential that requires Insurance. If I can't see what is in the grass, cars and people around then I keep the guard down. If someone is spastic and accident prone ie likely to run into the Central air system then you need Insurance
The price is just getting too steep for what a solo nets seeing how lawn care prices are not going up compared to Inflation. Not here at least
I'm just saying that's why people on here get so pissed about other guys not having insurance. I couldn't care less what other people do.

they aren't going up anywhere. it's because people who don't maintain a legitimate status low balling, so price increases can't happen. Also, wages aren't increasing with inflation anywhere, killing the middle class' ability to afford lawn care.

It is expensive, and if you don't feel you need it, drop it.
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