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Ill have insurance, pay taxes, have all my licenses and ill still low ball ya.

People who struggle and get mad someone else takes their work or "drives down the price" always think they are the masters, no one nows business as well as they do.

I was watching a bunch of you tube videos the other day with my wife. We were cracking up on how long it takes these guys to get ANYTHING done.
"Me mowing three customers lawns" or "My new roll of lift bed…I'm going to make so much money"

It's HYSTERICAL watching how much time these bozos waste (AND THEY ARE FILMING THEMSELVES)
Stop wasting time with go pro cameras and go make some money people..

There is no Wine in Blood,Sweat and Tears.

Ive said this before, and I'll say it again.
If the guy is beating your prices and he's healthy and staying in business…he's not the one doing things wrong, you are.
If the fly by nighters and the guys who rotate in and out every 1-3 years are low balling you… don't sweat it, either you'll get that account sooner or later, or it's the type of customer you don't want anyway.
Just because someone is looking for a lawn guy/landscaper DOESNT mean that's a good customer for you.
If there were no low ballers EVER, there would STILL be customers with unrealistic budgets.

Edit: AND to boot! THIS website is FULL of some of the CHEAPEST dead beat customers EVER. I'm talking about the members… READ some of these posts…"where do I get cheap software that will run my business like I want it but won't cost anything"…."give me free advice on how make tons of money" "where can I buy cheap of possibility get free equipment that will never break and doesn't need any maintenance"
This is just members here sounding exactly like the customers they complain about. Can you imagine trying to be a vendor for these guys? Oi Vey.
If YOU don't want to spend any money on your business, WHY would your customers want to?

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