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Originally Posted by TTS View Post
What's most important to you in selecting a lawn care company
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I'm looking more at what exactly they are looking for.

How often
Bagged or mulched
Total maintenence (maintaining shrubs, etc)

Do you all leave this up to the customer or mow once a week.

A little background.

I was in the process of starting a business in Missouri when we found out my wife's grandfather had terminal cancer. He had close to 50 accounts that he mainly mowed with the help of Grandma. We were asked to take over the business as he only had a short time left with us.

The cancer took him in 10 weeks, so he never had a chance to go out with me and fill me in on what each customer liked/disliked. Most of the accounts he had, he had been mowing for 8-15yrs.

The first season we had a drought. Major gouge into the pocketbook. Last year was better, but I attempted to work alone to try and recoup some of the $$$ we lost due to the drought.

Many of my accounts do not have sprinkler systems, so their lawns got fried and I mowed a lot of weeds and dust last summer.

I lost a few accounts last year as I was unable to keep up when we would get 5" of rain in a week.

I have regrouped. Bought some new equipment as the mowers he had were being babied to keep them going.

I am sending out a spring kick off letter to thank all of the clients for their continued support and want to add a questionnaire to find out exactly what they expect.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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