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Originally Posted by MarkintheGarden View Post
Hi Randy,

I would not send my customers a questionnaire. I do not want to fill out customer satisfaction surveys myself so I would not ask it of my customers.

If I were you, I would send the kick off letter and invite them to contact you with their questions and comments. I would also make the time to call many of them to discuss their needs. If they want< meet with them at their home and walk the property and discuss what they want. Take good notes and deliver.

Good luck and do keep us posted on your progress.
Thank you for your response. You are right. I hate filling out questionnaire's as well.

I think I will call them and ask to meet with them like you said and walk the yard.

Out of 50 accounts, there is still one yard that I do that after 2 years, I still have yet to meet the homeowners. Yikes. They are never home when I am there, but they always pay their bill.

Thanks again.

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