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Originally Posted by Mxrider52 View Post
Thanks for the replies guys. Lots of comments to take in. Yes the tree is on my property so there no lawsuits or anything like that waiting to happen. I enjoy the tree here next to the windows as it blocks the view into the windows for people coming down the road. Just from looking at the tree it appeared to been getting top heavy as the top is starting to spread apart and I know someone mentioned about the snow on the tree causing sagging but actually the tree looks like that all the time. The tree is on the north east side of the house. I think the house actually helps keep alot of the wind off the tree. The tree splits into the 2 trunks at about 6-7 ft up.

Right at the moment I just dont want to cut the tree down. We enjoy looking at the tree and having it here. The tree is 15 years old or so I think. We had just bought the house last year but I grew up with the original owners son so know the place very well. If I was to just cut off 10ft of the tree to eleiminate most of the weight. How would the tree handle it? I have heard these trees are very tolerant to cutting.
Your emotional attachment for this tree is incredible.
Just make sure your home owners policy is paid up.
I really do hope you have no future problems with regard to your tree.
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