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Originally Posted by Mike M View Post
Anyone here tried using a loading ramp for their mowers? I remember one of my competitors years ago who used one to load his Lesco belt-drive mower onto his F-150.

If this is reasonable (somewhat), it would solve the issue I have with getting a trailer: I am living in a condo, and people park across and close to my garage, not sure what headaches that will be for getting in and out.

I could always use a 36" mower for this season, if the heavier ones are too difficult for the incline.


There's a thread about this on one of the other forums but Harbor Freight sells a Tri fold aluminum ramp for $100. Print a 20% off coupon and you're in for $80 plus tax. It has straps that hook to the bumper to keep it from kicking out. Its light, folds up, will last a long time(been using one for 4+ years), and is safe. I often run my King Quad up it on my F250 and its 600+ lbs. I wouldnt hesitate to run a wb up/down it.
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