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Originally Posted by PenningsLandscaping View Post
I'm just saying that's why people on here get so pissed about other guys not having insurance. I couldn't care less what other people do.

they aren't going up anywhere. it's because people who don't maintain a legitimate status low balling, so price increases can't happen. Also, wages aren't increasing with inflation anywhere, killing the middle class' ability to afford lawn care.

It is expensive, and if you don't feel you need it, drop it.
I believe the main thing that keeps prices low is new start up companies advertising prices I charged 23 years ago. Happens every year. LCO trying to build their business with low ball prices. They plan to go up later, of course. But in the mean time they get business from those that have gone out of business. The ones that came in with low prices and went under after a few years. So you have this vicious cycle. I see their signs on street corners all over town: All lawns cut for $30!! You see them on Craigs list etc I hope this LCO doesn't make the same mistake. Expenses are just too high these days to lowball your way into the game. Some do make it though
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