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Originally Posted by Charles View Post
I believe the main thing that keeps prices low is new start up companies advertising prices I charged 23 years ago. Happens every year. LCO trying to build their business with low ball prices. They plan to go up later, of course. But in the mean time they get business from those that have gone out of business. The ones that came in with low prices and went under after a few years. So you have this vicious cycle. I see their signs on street corners all over town: All lawns cut for $30!! You see them on Craigs list etc I hope this LCO doesn't make the same mistake. Expenses are just too high these days to lowball your way into the game. Some do make it though
I've already decided this year that 35 will be my base cutting price for most lawns. One of my grandmothers will be charged 25 because it's a postage stamp lot, probably less than 200 sq feet and literally takes me 15 minutes. Other than that. Anything that has a high amount of objects to trim and cut around will be higher. Hillside properties will be higher. I'd rather have a smaller client base than low ball everyone and be worked to death trying to cut them all.

On another note, already received some callbacks today regarding insurance. Had one agent tell me he's sure he can get me in the $300-$400 range for 1 mil coverage but has to send the forms to the main company or whatever. Said he might have a better deal for only 500k worth. Will see once I actually have a legit quote in hand.

And on another note, if rather be worrying about my business than struggling with these trigonometry identities! When will I need trig identities in electrical engineering? I say never. Oh well. Have to take the class either way. Yay college.
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