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I also wanted to pass along a book recommendation. I received my copy of "The original garden lighting book" and am about halfway through it. I just want to pass on a thank you to Mike Gambino and Mark Carlson for preserving this gem of Frank Nightingales before it was lost to history. His book "garden lighting" has been reprinted and is enclosed within the pages of this book. Mike and Mark have added some insightful comments and photographs at various points along the way in the book to keep it relevant to todays technology and standards. Even though this book was published in 1956, the book is remarkably still very relevant to todays serious lighting designers. Frank's passion for this wonderful art that he created jumps off the pages. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in lighting design or those who have been in the craft for awhile. Frank's literary style is very practical which makes this book easy to read and understand. It is not a bogged down, boring technical manual, it is in fact a primer for operating a lighting design business back in the 50's written in a very relevant way for today. Mike and Mark add their insights for modern day relevancy also. Pick this book up, it will put the passion back into your designs and challenge you to be better than you currently are.

This book now ranks #1 in my library of lighting reference books. Contact mike directly through his website to get a copy. It is available in soft cover or hardback.
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