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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
I get the point that the mower brand isn't at fault for the engine problems... But it might now be his fault that the seals are blowing...
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I agree it might not be his/her fault. However, we only hear half the story on these sites. People go regularly thousands of hours without these types of issues. They're not regular issues. It might seem that things are regular to fail on certain models the truth is just that maybe these models just sold more than others.

It seems and probably something to it that people usually complain 100 times about the same issue(s) that cost them money rather than appreciating what these engines do for them. I don't think you can appreciate any engine without appreciating the one you have already. Unless it's just a dud we ask a lot of these little engines to be drop dead reliable with little maintenance and over worked. Most of these things go years without any sort of major hiccup, but as soon as a little seal fails all hell breaks loose that it's the mowers fault that it cost me 2 hours and 10 dollars to fix.

I'm not trying to jump on the OP just stating that it seems as soon as little issues happen the make is a POS and I'll never buy another one blah blah. How many times have mcdonolds or whatever messed your order up? How many times have they got it right?

When a manufacture is selling 5 times another there might be a chance you have 5 times the problems with this unit. But if you sit down and figure it out they both have the same amount of issues right???
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