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I agree, I have had some good Kawasaki engines but this 37 DFI I'm talking about has had probs since the start and it's in the shop now and they want warranty it like they should... So I will not buy another new mower with a Kaw on it... A engine with 40 percent leak down is not ok... And it's blowing seals becuase of it... So since they have gave me and my dad so much trouble on this engine I will not buy another one... The only way I might buy a Kaw is if I get a good deal on a used mower... The Kawasaki Tech rep said he understood me being frustrated and said he would be to but he couldn't send out a new engine yet...we have to clean it up fix the seal and then run it sitting in the shop for so many hours and measure oil usage... My thinking is there is no way it will burn as much oil siting in a shop in cold condition as it would in the heat of the summer with engine under I feel like I)' gonna get the run around...
It's big business. When you have a market share their size you can afford to pressure the little guy a little bit. Play the game make calls whatever it be. I think it will go your way in the long run. I think you would have these issues whether it be any manufacture these days. Margins are tight and claims are regulated tight. Just like anybody else they're trying to save money they have and worry about getting more later once they have yours. Briggs maybe a little loose with their coin now and that's why the dealer is pushing them. Briggs is playing the advertisement game trying to get more market share.
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