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Originally Posted by DVS Hardscaper View Post
ok, so now, how many cuts are made in a day? 300?

300 x 3.8 / 60 /60 = .37 hr, a little over 20 minutes. I've never counted how many pavers we cut in a day. Some days it's maybe been 20 pavers. But I bet it's never been more than 300, maybe 350 tops. We usually have one guy cutting and another marking. Often times the guy cutting is waiting for the guy marking. Which then makes faster cutting a moot point.

Is spending $170 to $270 more really reasonable opposed to paying a $14 / hr laborer $5.18 (for .37 hr) the time it takes with a slower $80 blade? Presuming they've done the math as I just did, Some people may say "absolutely". And presuming they've done the math I bet the majority will say "take a hike, the numbers do not pencil out.

See, for the diamond blade sales industry - hardscape guys don't break down the numbers. That works in a sales rep's favor. All the sales rep can do is hope they don't read and see Andrew Hardscape's posts.

Not disagreeing, but just to play "devils advocate", if you don't know how many pavers you cut with a blade, you don't know how many feet of pavers you cut with a blade, you don't know how long it takes on average to cut a certain dimension of paver with a given blade...then how are you going to tell people that the $80 blade pencils out better than a $200 blade? What numbers, besides purchase price, did you pencil in? My gut tells me that you are correct in your hypothesis, but all blades are not created equal either and $/amount of material removed by the kerf of the blade over the life of a blade isn't the only criteria people use to choose a blade.

If I were looking to buy 1-$300/blade that would last me 9 months or 3-$100/blades that would last me 9 months, I'd chose the 3-$100 blades. I'd have a fresh blade 3 times a year and at least 1 back up blade for 6 months of that time. So, in my mind, if the expensive blade doesn't do something that the cheaper blades of the same long term cost provide, I'd go with more less expensive blades.
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