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Originally Posted by Choppin View Post
He's pushing the Vanguards more because he hasn't had any come back BUT he hasn't sold quite as many either.... . And he said the newer series Kaw have more problems then the older series... He dosnt push the Briggs at all only the vanguard which isn't a Briggs made engine... Diahatsu makes them.... Briggs imports them...
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Gotta ask yourself why a dealer would want to push a product that doesn't net him any money? Dealers make most of their money on service just like cars. I'm not saying the briggs is a bad engine as I have no experience with the make besides a 5hp or whatever when I was a teenager.

To answer your question though, I run whatever brand gives me a good deal and that I feel comfortable using. Cut quality wasn't ever a real concern for me as our grass here is pretty stiff and cuts with about any deck out there. I prefer Wright and Gravely just because my friend is a gravely dealer and I can usually find Wrights for a decent deal used.
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