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Originally Posted by B-2 Lawncare View Post
I was just thinking about this, I haven't driven anything bigger than a pickup in more than five years, so it would be a funny site to see me get back behind the wheel.
I have kept my license up to date because it would be expensive to get it back, and keeping the hazmat endorsement is a huge pain to keep updated. And it cost $120 every two years to reup my D.O.T medical card.
All of my trucking experience comes from the oil field, big truck over loaded with 10 speeds.
You know the fun stuff laying in the mud under a truck put chains on in February when its below zero.
I was a zone isolation supervisor in the oil field and don't miss all of the headaches that come with the job.
I just let my hazmat go because of the cost. Company I work for doesn't need it and they contract out hazmat stuff to begin with. The point I was going to make is that you can give up your CDL which is what states are wanting you to do with these new med rule IMO and get class E license and you can have your CDL reinstated when you need it here. The advantage here would be to be able to take driver improvement school instead of points for traffic citations and the cost of keeping your CDL complainant. I can't speak for other states but here they will give it back to you when you re qualify for it without having to test again.
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