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40 clients isn't that many, even for a solo.

$45k from 40 clients isn't that much either, have you thought about up selling?

Judging from what you say your gross is, it looks like you have 40 small clients, whom you do lawn mowing and spring clean up for.

Is there other things you can do for your existing clients?
Do you ever see other services there?
Do any of them get fertilizer?
Maybe you could get a pesticide license and offer tick spray or prevent their dandelions?


Maybe some seasonal color?

just a few ideas.

40 clients, that average 2 grand of work per year is 80k.

Without much push, if you had each client average 1500 and you had 50 of them that would be $75k.

75k is closer than you think, you biggest obstacle is your day job right now.

Don't concern yourself with what you get for benefits right now.
What is the basics you need, to not go into debt heavily and just plain survive….
focus on making that, in the short term.
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