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Originally Posted by banjo View Post
My FX 34hp has just gone in for a rebuild, 3040 hours and was starting to use too much oil. Has been a fantastic motor and i'm hoping it isn't done yet ! A new engine is about $4000 here
Youve certainly had great use out of your machine, especially knowing some of the stuff you cut at times.
Hope the re-con does the job for ya. Whats the re-con costing you?

How'd you go with the seat?

As far as the back firing goes, all in all mines been pretty good. I cant always let the engine idle down and rarely get a backfire. I will if, lets say I stop and reach down to pick up a stick and take some weight off the seat, and the engine stuffs off and then back on quickly. Then its like a shot gun going off!
But yeah, good practice to let it idle for a few seconds before shut down. Sometimes I'll let it idle while I tie it down, then turn it off.
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