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Originally Posted by stuvecorp View Post
Bet that 235 will sling some boulders. You get a new grapple for the 85 also?

What is the 'stack' you are talking about? I know Lano was talking about something extra that's needed to run the Towtems and wonder if that is what they were talking about?
Oh yeah, can't wait to move some rocks on our jobsite in Plymouth.

I refer to the stack for the extra lines that need to be run for Towtem so you can run the open/close and rotate at eh same time. There is an additional hydraulic valve that is run to have all the functions.

If you get a Kubota KX80 they already are outfitted with the extra lines to run everything.

We swapped out machines today, the 235 is heading in to get plummed for it's Towtem.

The DX85 is all plummed up, just waiting for the ASG050-1 Towtem to come in and it just needs to be coupled and its ready for the season. I'm going to tint it, add/replace some lights with LEDs and add a light bar like the 235 got. They also rigged up a polished little stack for the 85, the other machines are getting the same for a little bling.

Video of the 85 showing up:

It's cold

Time to clean it up and wax it

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