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All this talk about the various tax forms definitely has me leaning towards NOT filing taxes on my own at the end of this year. At least for the first year I will probably go to a company to have it done to ensure I'm getting the right forms filled out. I've asked a few of the insurance agents about the situation of separating myself from my parents; some of them said they are not sure but the majority said because I'm a legal adult and only live WITH my parents, not UNDER SUPERVISION (as in, younger than 18) of my parents, that there should not be any chance of them being pursued. Regardless, I'm looking at picking up a $1 million dollar General Liability w/ $2 million aggregate. I feel like that should keep me covered in most cases considering something drastic does not occur. And as of right now, I don't see myself doing much damage with a push mower. And when I do pick up a Walk behind, it would be a very rare occurrence for me to use it without the deflector on it; If there isn't a deflector on it, there will be a catcher on it or it will have a mulch kit installed and no chance of discharge regardless. However, I know there's always a chance that something may happen. Situational awareness will be my biggest factor; I'll refrain from cutting around children in general. Last year, I had an client with kids who were always outside. It only took me 30 minutes to do the yard, so when I'd show up I'd kindly ask the kids to take a break and go inside for just a short bit while I took care of the yard, and they usually didn't have an issue (however, I did have to move their bikes out of the yard on multiple occasions!). Will also try to refrain from acquiring clients that have gravel areas (seems like an accident waiting to happen mowing a yard with gravel around or near it).

My biggest setback right now is that I can't put out my advertisements like I had wanted; I don't want to pass out several hundred flyers while still attending this semester at school because I will only have 2 days without class that I can work. I would be able to work from 3pm to dusk on school days. Therefore I have somewhere around 30 to 35 cut hours per week while attending school. Once my semester is over, I'd love to build up enough clients to work 50 hours a week, however I know that will be tough because i'll be trying to pick up clients after the other local LCOs have already passed out their flyers.

The way my season is going to go at this point is completely up in the air. The more I sit and read, and the more I think about it, the more difficult I realize it will be. As I've said multiple times already, I'm going to push the business this season regardless, If I end the season with a poor amount of gross pay, then so be it. As long as I am not in the negatives, I will be satisfied with myself and the determination. At that point I will make the decision to renew the business license or withdraw it.
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