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Originally Posted by ozarkbilly View Post
I pull mine up with one tire hanging off the ramp, set parking brake, & shut it down. Grab into the front arms leading out to the front wheels & tip the mower onto its back. Pull old blades off, do a good scraping on the deck, put new set of blades on. Then tip mower back upright. First time I heard of this method I was terrified to try it, thinking my mower was gonna go crashing to the pavement. But its not hard at all, I dunno if its due to how well-balanced Grandstands are or what. Oh & I always let it sit for several minutes after sitting it back upright, just because it seems like a good idea.
This is what I ended up doing. I discovered muscles I never knew I had. Little gas leakage, but I did seal the hydro with a plastic bag between cap and reservoir. Was this a delayed response or what?
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