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Originally Posted by JohnnyRocker View Post
I am new to the spraying world, and am thankful for all of the info. I am confused regarding the carrier rates. What determines what your rate is? Is it just how fast you can walk a yard? I am so sorry about how stupid this question may sound, but one way for me to become un-stupid is to ask.
This is why I use equipment that applies a fixed volume per acre at a fixed swath. All I have to do is walk with it at a steady pace. What determines the rate is what your target is and what you are applying. If it is straight fertilizer, the more water the better. Straight iron, 1 gallon per 1000 applied in such a way that it clings to the leaves. Preemergent herbicides are not that picky as long as they evenly cover the area. Postemergents need 1/4-1 gallon per 1000 applied so that it clings to the leaves and totally covers.
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