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Originally Posted by LarryAylward View Post
Lawnshark, I'm interested in interviewing some of these low-paid employees for a story.
They're pretty content with what they're making. If you break down an assisstant's salary to an hourly rate even they aren't making but around $15 hour in this area. Some less considering the hours they put in.

Plus you you have to consider that Irrigation Tech has no education, started out as a laborer making probably $5 an hour in 1990 an worked his way up. Pretty much the same with the spray tech.

I've found that most golf course employees are either retired or people that are simply just comfortable living off $9 an hour. Most all of them still remember the glory days 10-15 years ago when courses were packed all the time and the golf course was a great place to work.

Now nobody gives raises, courses are dropping their insurance, some are even talking about shutting down.
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