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Originally Posted by WildassBaughb View Post
How did we get off on how to engage a clutch?

Rules to go by to improve or start a business.
1. Start local, advertise local. I stay withing my own zip code (within a city).
2. Do quality work.
3. Be reliable.
4. Follow through on promises/commitments.


Mowing clients:
Give an estimate that you can live with and make an honest profit. I offer 3 options for new estimates: 1. Occasional service (example $55) 2. Scheduled Service every 7-10 days ($51) with these 2 options payment is due upon completion. 3. Super Saver Plan (Scheduled Service) pay 4 cuts in advance at a time ($46 X 4=$184). Clients like the idea of choices and almost all choose option 3 to save more money. Now you're not working with your money or borrowed money, your using their and they like it that way. 98 percent of my mowing clients are on this plan.

Mowing plus clients:
If a client does more business with me, then I offer a yearly plan with annual, semi-annual or monthly payments. "Plus" items include: landscape maintenance, lawn treatments and landscape treatments.

These methods work. Try'em.
Looks great!, I'll give it a try!
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