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m 2cents

I been looking at these forums for a few years now because I always wanted to start up a landscaping business but never took the leap, I'm in the works of finally doing it this year, cant wait.
Since this is the wrong place to post this kind of stuff I'll save it for another post but figured I would put it out there since this is my first post
I did 6 honorable years in the Navy ( fire away jarheads, I still love you guys, my cousin was one too ) My rate (job) was a Fire controlman (electronic technician but for weapon systems.) I had to sign up for 6 active 2 inactive since they sent me to 3 different schools for electronics that took almost 2 years. I ended up doing 4 years 4 months on the USS nimitz and did 2 deployments in support of operation iraqi freedom.

Originally Posted by grassmonkey0311 View Post
This could be a few problems.

Like mentioned above, a lot of us are extreme type A people. We always want to be challenged and love getting into crazy situations the majority of people don't like. I love being stressed out.

But then there are the other side of vets. The usual NJPers. The troubled ones. Ask them about any courses they took in the military. Ask them if they were NJP'd, and what rank they were. I know in the Marine Corps a 4 year PFC was NJP'd and usually wasn't a typical hard charging Marine. If you know rank structure, you can tell if they excelled or just hung around out of sight out of mind.
You also need to take into consideration what branch of service. In the Navy I considered myself a hard charger but only got out as a E-4, In the navy they take into consideration your evaluation along with test scores and time in rate. In the test is every job in your rate along with some other stuff. I knew my job inside and out and always did great on that section of the test but did average on the other parts. Also each division was only allowed to give out a certain amount of 5.0's and 4.0's on the evaluation. I was not really a kiss ass so i usually got a 3.0 and rarely a 4.0 even tho I never got in trouble and did my job and did it well.
Also the navy advances you more if you rate is in demand, the test before I could take the e-5 test it was like 30% advancement. When it was my time to take the test it dropped to like 5% and stayed around there ever test I took. O well thats the way the cookie crumbles, as they say in the Navy "choose your rate, choose your fate". If i would have made e-5 I would still be in and only have a little over 6 years left out of 20. But then again I would have not met my woman im with now and have my little Abigail so everything happens for a reason.
I dont know much about the Air Force but I heard there advancement is not that great for them either.

Originally Posted by grassmonkey0311 View Post
It's really hard to tell until you can interview them. Like I said before, not all vets are the same. There are a lot of bad apples, but you have to decifer the "lingo" to figure out which ones they are. For example, I interviewed a guy who told me he was a vet. He said he served in the Army. I asked about his DD214 (discharge papers) and if it would say honorably discharged. His response was no, not yet. Thats a BIG red flag he did something. I asked if he was NJP'd, he said yes, and then the truth came out. He was kicked out after 3 years for drug use. A veteran is someone who served and was Honorably Discharged. He lied to me and the interview ended.

You may find some vets who would love the job. Maybe a guy who was a mechanic while he was in, but not some guy who was in charge of a few other military personal. The guy who was in charge will have a hard time working alone because he was used to supervising before (type A kinda guy). As for finding them, they are all over. Craigslist under the resume section, and a lot of websites like

I don't usually share this much info, so please feel free to paypal me some money
I agree, DD214 is where its at. You can find what discharge they had and Im not sure if every branch has it but it tells you how many good conduct medals they have. Every 3 years if you have no NJP's you get one so for me i did 6 years and have 2.

I had a few jobs since I been out and no employer asked to see it. I find that odd. I would almost take that into consideration more than there resume.

Originally Posted by TPendagast View Post
I'm ex military, 10 years.

Here's why they won't last long:

What do you pay your guys? let's say it's $14/hr for the basic guy.

160 hours per month is $2,240.00

you said most of these guys put in their basic single enlistment and got out.
so lets assume a rank of E-4.
Take the 82nd airborne guy.

an E-4 base pay is $2215.00
plus his jump pay $150.00
Separate rations? $330.00
Variable housing allowance? $600.00

so you're falling a grand short of meeting the pay they are used to a month, not to mention they got paid year round in the military.
then there is the copious amounts of TDY and combat/hazardous duty pay that they have become accustomed to.

No offense to returning vets trying to get into the civilian market, but they have to get a grip on the reality of what civilian pay is, and it's not going to match their expectations, so they have to tighten the belt and get rid of the power ram they bought in fayetteville for 25% apr and buy a beater with a heater to get to work.

This is going to take time for this adjustment to happen, during which time many will fall flat on their faces.
PTSD, divorces, financial ruin and failure to adjust to civilian life are in their future.
Been there, done that.

It may be best some of these guys have just moved on anyway.
The highest paying job I had since I got out was 14.50 an hour but they laid off a few of the newer people and I was at the bottom of the totem poll. I got a new job paying way less and also used my G.I. Bill and finished a tech school for HVAC. Thats what I'm doing now but once again the low man on the totem poll. I make 11$ an hour now and my girlfriend a lot less, we have a 5 y/o that is hers even tho I consider him mine since sperm doner is not in his life and a 11m/o baby girl and we are getting through it. We dont own a house or have a lot but we are happy.
Life is a B*$&# sometimes but you just have to adapt.
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