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Originally Posted by lumberjack1986 View Post
My implication was that spending that money on a degree here would be fool hearty here, but perhaps things are different 90 miles east where the OP lives. Business is all about ROI, there's nothing personal about math.

Inaccurate? What's your source? I have been to college, but I don't have a degree. I was one of the youngest CAs in the Southern Chapter, and one of 40 something in MS. There are a plethora of people becoming an ISA CA, so the ISA has came out with more certifications. The ISA is a business, one of their goals is making money. Being college educated can substitute for experience on their requirements.

No, becoming an ISA CA exactly requires passing their CA test. That's it.
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Thanks for answering for another member. I understand your really wanting to speak for yourself so I will reply to you as if you were the same party.

When I refer to the term inaccurate I was referring to the other members opinion and now yours as well. IMHO earning a degree in Arborticulture does not compare with just reading some books and taking some courses and test to become ISA Certified.
I have nothing against being ISA Certified. If someone is willing to do the time and make the effort the ROI can be had with a degree in spades.
The personal decision is on the part of the OP. Which course of action he chooses is up to him, and yes he has options available.
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