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Originally Posted by SoCalLandscapeMgmt View Post
Originally Posted by irrig8r View Post
There were lots of rumors about buyers. A couple of deals fell through.
At one point Troy Lighting was said to be buying them.
This is what happens to a lot of family businesses who don't plan for the future of the business or don't have a plan B for if one of the owners is suddenly out of the picture. I've read a lot of articles about this kind of thing and unfortunately it happens to a lot of family owned businesses. It's really sad to see somebody spend the majority of their life working to building a successful company and then have it all fall apart once they are gone.
I think it could be argued that beyond building a business, that Bill Locklin was, if not the sole founder of this industry, then at least one of the early innovators and pioneers who got it going.

He was also an educator and an inspiration to many of us and a mentor to a fortunate few.

That said, he was also human, and maybe a little stubborn and slow to change sometimes.
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