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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
This sounds like a typical "bank online" procedure. The customer is merely using an online access to "cut a check," rather than pulling out the checkbook, handwriting, and sending via USPS.

Several of my customers do this. A check is issued from a processing facility and arrives to me via USPS. The customer initiates the process, either issing the same amount each month, or what is on my invoice. Some banks use the same processing facility, and it is not unusual to open an envelope and find two or three checks. The facility understands that multiple checks are going to the same address, and stuffs them in the same envelope. This happens, even though the customers are using different banks. This is not ACH.
no the customer is using online access to electronically send a check. you email them the invoice. they click on a link that takes them to a page to pay their bill, enter their routing number and account number and send. the next day payment is wired straight to your bank. no physical checks to go to the bank with. it's electronic.
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