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be careful and do a lot of research if you decide to buy a diesel. I am a diesel owner and fan but you must get the right motor. Stay away from early model duramax as these could cost you over $3000 in problematic injector replacements. In the fords get an early 2003 or older 7.3 powerstroke, I have a 2wd model that gets 15mpg towing 6500lbs enclosed trailer stop and go, mine is stick shift so you may lose 2mpg with auto trans. A 2003 1/2 - 2007 6.0 diesel is a nightmare all together with to many issues that WILL happen in time and could put you out of business. I pulled that same rig with a 2004 6.0 getting 11mpg. 2008-up 6.4 powerstroke is almost as bad as the 6.0 with multiple expensive repairs that will come yet with the 6.4 the motor, the engine will be salvageable in most cases. 6.4 got 12 mpg with that rig, it is a absolute monster though! Cummins have there quirks but all together there act is pretty well for the most part compared to later fords, but the the dodge truck body is junk in my personal opinion. If I were you I would get a 6.0 GM gas truck, a 2005 and up 5.4 gas 3 valve or a 2003 and under 7.3 powerstroke. I've been down this road of radiators, heads, egr coolers, turbos etc. And guess what it all cost more than 4 mpg at $1.00 less a gallon. You should buy a 7.3 but go with the gassers I suggested if you dont want or cant find 7.3. 2005 up duramax is good but my buddy only gets 11-12mpg so its not what your looking for.
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