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Originally Posted by treemover View Post
To the very very few that provide help thanks.

I kept this as simple as I could. There was no need to for me to provide prints, drawings, explain how i was going to build wall or say that I could drain the water from the lake/pond. I was not asking how to build, ideas or price it. I was asking how to lay out a radius without being able to use center point as reference. The fact it was a wall, sea wall or anything for that matter did not have any bearing on my question. I felt it was a fairly simple question, and I was just looking for some ideas that would make it go quicker.

The way it looks, most on here had to clue how to figure it out.

So really you've more or less re-visited this thread to complain?

You ask a non-routine question, for a scenario that the majority will NEVER encounter. Fair enough. That's what this forum is for.

You went into all this talk about "water". "Bidding". "Owner not providing surveying".

And then you return to say how stupid most here are and that you're taking your ball and going home. Why did YOU even mention all those things if they're irrelivant? This isn't the only forum on the web, if you're not happy, then why put yourself through the agony of logging on? "Give me" "Give me" "Give me" "Give me" "Give me your experience and knowledge and I'll pop back up to cast stones" And on a Sunday, too!

There are some very smart and very talented and very experienced and very impressive leaders here at Lawnsite. Just like anything - you can't please everyone....
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