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Originally Posted by pls8xx View Post
What's to know??? The guy needs to lay out a perfectly circular curve were you don't have access to the radius point. I realize not many of you do sea walls, but surely you get jobs for a long radius wall behind a house were the radius point falls on the other side of the house.
Since you bring it up, how many sea wall do you install in Arkansas? I realize it's a state of many lakes, maybe a few pics of your work may be of some value to all concerned.

If you get full geometry from the designer, that's what you lay out. Like as not, on a sea wall, the designer does not know how to do it to fit the shoreline and you will have to both field design it and then stake it out.
That wasn't what the op asked. He asked how one would layout a 100' radius where the RP was in the middle of the lake. I explained how to do so without (I hope) sounding like an ass. Now what was your method?
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