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A.W. ... thank you! I remember reading that info in #13, but I guess it did not register in my mind what was happening. No excuse for that.

This looks like a great system. Clearly, this is a new feature of the past couple of years, new since the last time I investigated.

I've read the information on the Intuit site. It says payment can come from another bank account, or credit card. Your post (#13) speaks of credit card, not bank account. Is this a choice of the customer, or do you set that source of payment. The bank account transfer is $0.50 a pop, whereas the credit card payment is 3.25%. Are the fees taken from your bank account (you have supplied all the information for Intuit to make a withdrawal). Monthly, or each transaction?

Do you insist all customers work with the Payment network, or give a choice(some still cut paper checks)? Some of my customers are older folks, and the notion of making a payment online may be out of the question.

Thanks again for the great tip!
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