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Originally Posted by whiffyspark View Post
I meant to ask but forgot. Why did you guys go up to the 235 vs the 160 size you used to have? More reach? Just curious.

I'm shopping for a shop now I need a place with a yard and they're hard to come by around here
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We still have the DX180, traded in the CX160 on the 235.

Some of the walls built would be way better off with the 235. At times we're getting 4 rocks delivered per side-dumb at 50k pounds for 4 rocks.... With the 235 we'll actually be able to pick them up or at least handle them better depending on shape vs. the 180

Another Reason we went with 235 vs 225 or another 180 is the reduced swing. Going to help me out a lot with some of the places we go to build walls where we need to swing to build the wall but there is usually a tree line right by the face of the wall.
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