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Well I ran a 544K at the dealership recently to load the Rotobec and Dymax shear on my trailer and from running it a few minutes I could tell a few things. First, the Deere was very quiet compared to our 930H (and IMO the Cat is not that loud...). Visibility was about the same to the sides and rear of the machine but the monoboom on the 930H (that they got rid of in the new K series), offered excellent visibility to the attachment (forks, bucket, plow, etc.) whereas the traditional Z-bar linkage on the Deere obscured a little of the view when running forks. I couldn't really test the power of the Deere machine when compared to the Cat so no comment there. From there, it was little ergonomic differences that I noticed right away. The Deere was nice with the lower entrance height with one less ladder step needed to get in the machine. From there though, I preferred the Cat's joystick control with the F-N-R button being on top of the joystick control for the bucket and a trigger button for a transmission kickdown and the overall bigger construction of the Cat joystick that I feel fits in my hand better than the smaller Deere joystick. I also wasn't a fan of the F-N-R button in the trigger position on the Deere as I am used to using just my thumb to select the direction on the Cat whereas the Deere required you to use your middle and fourth finger to alternate between directions. At the end of the day though, both machines were nice, and I'm sure I could get used to the differences between the machines if I had a few more hours in the Deere.
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