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If you don't want to have a LLC or INC then you can just file your fictitious name under the fictitious name tab. I don't think you will need any of the ad ons just the $50 bucks and file. The copies are useful for opening bank accounts etc but they can just as easily look them up on the sunbiz website now. If you want to open a LLC or INC then this is the time you want to do it. A LLC is pretty much a Sole proprietorship if you don't elect to be a S corp with the IRS but it will separate your personal and business assets as long as you don't use the LLC to pay for your personal bills etc. It may be very beneficial for you to contact a CPA and usually they have a flat fee to file everything for you and explain different tax benefits to you. If you're going full time I would highly suggest doing so or at least try to speak with a SBA person usually for free they will be the best unbias help you can find probably. I personally would suggest a LLC and file form 2553 to elect to be taxed as a S corp by march 15th for a full time solo op. I would then pay myself a salary and register with the FL department of revenue and buy quickbooks with payroll. I would then take some profits as a distribution so I don't pay self employment taxes on every bit of earnings. I'm younger and healthy I don't know what your situations are. I also have private disability insurance...
For insurance I would look into general liability with a broker. I personally used travelers and it was the most affordable I could find with a decent rated company. I had no equipment coverage (equipment rider). I had insurance through my storage facility for parking my equipment at night. On the road I would be SOL if something happened. I never had really expensive equipment so I could easily replace my 5,000 in equipment if I had a total loss. It would have cost me like 1200 I believe going off the top of my head a year to have equipment coverage.

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