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Originally Posted by hillbilly1188 View Post
Hello everyone im new to this site and im hoping to get a new v ride.. it will be my first commercial mower. i was wondering from people who has a
v ride if they have to bend over to use it? im 6' 3" tall and 260# just wondering if it would be uncomfortable because i would have to slouch over to grab the bars or not... no dealer around me has one.. want to by while they have fleet pricing.. get on 61" 25.5hp kaw for $7,300 before sale ends so any help would be great... sry for being long winded
Greetings everyone! I have a v ride and have used it out in the field commercially for the last three years I have had very few problems with it mainly just a couple flat tires and the muffler came loose one time I am 6'4 230 pounds and I have no problems with comfort on the V ride it is much more comfortable than sitting down on the Toro zeros that I have although the Toros are very reliable and do a good job the stand up seems to be more comfortable for me
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