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Originally Posted by Armsden&Son View Post
Man, that is terrible to hear....

The GPS's are an ok idea but in all reality it is usually not other LCO's that are stealing full trailers...

It's thieves that are looking to sell the equipment as fast as possible...

And we all know that if somebody has the balls and is clever enough to to grab a trailer in the first place then they are going to know about and know how to disable equipment GPS units...

I'm not saying not to do it, and I'm not saying that preventative measures shouldn't be taken...

But to think that you will always be able to locate your equipment that has been stolen while it is out working is more like a 1 in 10 shot on the odds....
And your argument assumes they know a) there are GPSs on mowers and b) where on the mower they are located? It's not some big blinking VCR sized item that attaches to the back of the mower like R2D2s security bolt.
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