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Originally Posted by greendoctor View Post
Was Powder Blue any good as a turf fertilizer? Heard of it, never got to use it. Other than the hassles of handling it, any real minuses for it?
Hi Doc,

Yes the Powder Blue (Urea Formaldehyde) was a good fit for certain situations as it was available over 1- 1.5 years by microbial release only.

Back in the day I would either apply 1.5 lbs Actual N (single app) for the last fall application OR the 1st Spring Application, on KBG lawns that had irrigation. This worked well and we would see far less surge growth in May-June and continued green through the summer months.

I would use a 35 mesh screen and had to run the Lesco Green nozzle and higher pressures (75 psi at the gun) so more gal per 1000.

Also wanted to keep the mix from settling out with a diaphragm pump. Used nalcotrol ( anti drift) for a while as it made water thicker then switched to Kelzan as the suspension aid.

I think now a days it is just used for deep root injection of large trees.
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