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Check out my lawn - need some help!

Hi all,

Great forum and hoping you can provide me some assistance. I'm located just outside Philly and bought this home last summer. Previous owner didn't take good care of the grass so I'd like to start this season out correctly.

I've posted some photos of my lawn and my neighbors. Unfortunately, I'm on a budget so I can't hire someone to fix my lawn and I don't have money to install a sprinkler system, etc. For what it's worth, my neighbors lawn looks this way without any more water than my yard gets (e.g., he has no sprinkler system and does not have sprinklers set up, etc.).

What are the things I should focus on this year? I know this won't fix itself in a year, but want to get started. FWIW, I have a little less than a 1/2 acre of grass and mow with a push mower.

Front yard:

Front yard close up:


Backyard close up:

Neighbors yard:

Neighbors yard close up:
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