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Originally Posted by ETPRO View Post

At first I really wanted the 755 but after hearing the 3000 reasons, I decided the 750 would fit my needs just fine. I don't know about the 650 (never have used one), but I have really enjoyed my 750 over the dingo and bobcat machines I have rented. The hinge pin height and added weight capacity being the 2 biggest features.

In regards to the turbo, trenching is our most demanding task we have put on the hydraulics to date. I have been really pleased so far. Trenches plenty fast, plenty of torque (we bought the high-torque trencher attachment). It also bores really well as well. I'll have to post a video of that.

Would like to get some more attachments, but that will be in due time.

As far as upgrading from a 650, I don't know if there is enough pros to merit the expense. However, If you were looking to either add a unit or to relieve a high hour machine I would highly recommend the 750. (or 755 if you can warrant the $3000 extra dollars.)
Good to hear. If it does everything you need then I see no need to spend the extra 3k. I agree these machines are head and shoulders above the dingos/bobcat/boxers etc. Looking forward to more pics of your work.
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