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Originally Posted by 1idejim View Post
PVC guys swear by it and Poly guys swear at it but today I was picking my tile saw up at my brothers house and saw something I thought I might share. My brother has been building bows for a few years as a hobby. He was showing me a few he had under construction when I saw this.

My brother told me that he saw a guy make one on youtube and had to give it a try. Draw of around 45 pounds.
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Couldn't tell you the size but I played on monkey bars made out of it when I was younger. I wouldn't think it was bigger than 2". Long time ago, I was real young. It was pretty dang high when you were on top and the other kids were making it sway.

That bow is cool. Especially if it gets kids making and learning an outside sport. Could he make one from tiny pvc and shoot pencils with it? Maybe not
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