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Originally Posted by americanlawn View Post
A little history between Scotts & me (incorporated in 1990)

We used to advertise to our customers that we used Scotts fertilizers. Things went well for years, and we grew our business (3 truckloads - 66 tons - just for round one). Cindy Flack was our sales lady (Ohio). Cindy even said we were the largest purchaser of Scotts fert in Iowa (at that time).

Cindy even asked if we could include Scotts fertilizer bags in our TV commercials (which we did). She was a super gal.

Then 'out of the blue', we received a very threatening letter from a law firm out of Washington, DC. They threatened a law suit which amounted to a "cease & desist" order. Said if we continued to tell folks we used Scotts products, they would file suit against my company.

We turned this over to our attorney. Recommended not to fight it (money).

Bottom line, Cindy lost her job. We then began using LESCO products.

I will never forget what Scotts" did to us. Never.

Reason this came about is "Scotts Lawn Service" planted a franchise here the following year. So this explains it. I guess.

Shameful! imo
That's a case of playing dirty pool if I ever heard one. I'm sure you're better off without them.
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