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Thanks for the swift responses!

Originally Posted by Jcl4slc View Post
This yard could easily be fixed in just weeks. When were these pics taken?
Photos were taken in my back/front yard. House is a year old. Located just outside Philadelphia.

Originally Posted by twomancrew
Don't mow it when all the other idiots start. How big is this yard(ish answer is fine)? Will you pushmow or use a riding mower? It was mowed way too short last year. Simply letting it grow out and mowing at 4" will do wonders. Be patient on some things and hurry up on others.

Maybe there is an owner near you on this forum who can come give you a one shot squirt this Spring. I heard your budget but this might do all you need to be happy along with proper mowing. Gets back to the lawn size question.
Grassy areas are probably 1/3 to a little under a 1/2 acre. I pushmow (no bad). How did I determine my mower is set properly to 4"? If my mower is in the garage should it be 4" from the garage floor to the base of the blades/mower?

I am on a budget, but can spend what's necessary on fertilizer and such, but need to do it myself (or of course help from a friendly neighbor!).
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