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Originally Posted by trfmstr View Post
I have 2 500 gal tanks on lot. Tried in past. Last about 2 weeks and cost more to have shipped in. Gas station is 200 ft from shop
Maybe you should check into other suppliers. I had the tank provided free of charge and the fuel company delivers the fuel at the same market rates so it doesn't cost me any more to have the tank on site.

We record every drop of fuel and where it goes and only two employees have access to the key.

I wouldn't do it any other way because I save tons of employee time keeping them from waiting at the station. Two or three guys standing around or buying crap at the station for 10 minutes is time not spent generating revenue. If you do that with 5 crews you just lost 90 minutes average time per day (taking out the 10 minutes it would take one guy to do the same thing on site.)

After the whole season, you lost over 180 hours of time that could have been used on jobs.

Those are my numbers anyway, so I'd never think of changing back to going to a gas station for fuel.
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