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Yeah, I agree. The back is critical.... For so many reasons... like you said, people stuck in traffic.

But even just in general driving around... Folks will see the sides when they are driving by and such but if you are behind a rig you can really see the back because that is where you are looking! hahah

Also for when you are parked on the side of a busy road.... People can see the back coming down the road..... It's not always possible to park in a driveway therefore being perpendicular to the road...

That's so funny about the dump trailer... Since you and Red Oak and myself had that chat, I have been looking at them hard and there are so many advantages to having one... Being able to haul a lot of weight is of course one of them but being able to haul equipment like track loaders and mini excavators is clutch! Being able to drop it at a site and let the guys fill it up while I am out doing other stuff could be huge too.. (LOL, when I get employees that is!)
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