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A great fertilizer in the lesco days was a urea formaldehyde base blend 14-0-14 CTRN. It was the novex blend. I can't remember the micro package but the blend kicked butt. It was just to expensive for most to think about but it was worth the price because it would last 5-6 months even with heavy rain. I did a year study with Floyd Perry on sports turf with the novex line when I was on the south Florida sports turf committee with him. What was amazing was after some football fields at certain highschools were treated. Some of the coaches had scappled there Bermuda and it looked ugly, relay bad. Then within two weeks there was full recovery with a deep blue/green with minimal cultural effort. The blends were priced in the high 30's to low 40's but well worth it. Three apps per field that year were done and even had great recovery weekly on fields that had weekly game play.
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