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I know its been talked about a lot but I'm making my first big equipment purchase and am probably going with the v-ride and wanted to throw it out there for opinion. Scag has the fleet pricing and I may have misheard from dealer but I think it will run into March this year. I've run all 48" walk behinds in the past. Getting more and bigger (1-2 acre) properties and need to upgrade.

I cut northern grass mostly tt tall fescue with some kbg and the occasional perennial rye mixed in. I take care of applications on all properties, too, so they're all a nice cut. very high-end properties. Productivity means something but really looking for the best cut on the street, even if productivity is down a bit. Lawns are heavily irrigated so first instinct was not to go with a ztr rider.

Right now in order I am thinking of getting
1. v-ride- good mix of productivity and cut
2. turf tracer 60- I don't mind walking even a few acres, would use velke only on much bigger areas to open it up, believe this deck cuts best in my area. Would probably go with this is I didn't feel it was less productive

Any input is appreciated. Got quoted about 7,800 for 61 v-ride plus tax. Good deal with the promotion. Turf Tracer was 8,300 plus tax. When split over 48 monthly payments the difference isn't much.
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